Therapeutic fasting We accompany you on the way to change!

Therapeutic fasting is, so to speak, spring cleaning for body, mind and soul. If we voluntarily abstain from solid food and stimulants for a certain period of time, our body activates self-healing powers, starts health-promoting processes and mobilizes its own energy reserves!

Fasting cures and nutritional counseling A good start for the change of lifestyle

Today's diet and lifestyle, which often contains too many calories and too few high-quality ingredients, leads to health problems in many cases. In addition, there is a lack of exercise as well as a low stress balance. A targeted change in diet often helps in this case because a balanced diet and our well-being go hand in hand. For a permanent change of the old habits, fasting cures can be a very good beginning. A stay at the Grand Hotel Binz is particularly suitable for this.

Gelangen Sie mit Heilfasten im GRAND HOTEL BINZ an der Ostsee zu neuer Energie!

With or without food renunciation This is how therapeutic fasting works

Dr. Otto Buchinger is considered the "pope" of the fasting method, which is both well-known and popular today, according to which only liquid food is consumed for one week. That means that besides water, vegetable broth, tea as well as vegetable juices constitute the nourishing plan. Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine must be avoided during this time. You cleanse your body from the inside by flushing out toxins and level out your acid-base balance. At the same time, the body draws on fat reserves, causing you to lose weight.

The first three days are not easy but after that you will be rewarded with the so-called fasting euphoria. You feel light and liberated as your body releases appropriate hormones and messenger substances. If you do not want to do without food completely, you can also opt for alkaline fasting. This form of fasting also supports the body in regenerative processes.

Das GRAND HOTEL BINZ versorgt Sie mit allem, was Sie zum Heilfasten benötigen.

We support you Expert advice & beneficial treatments

At our hotel, you can choose how you want to fast. Depending on whether you fast without food or choose the alkaline fasting variant, we will take care of you. In the case of alkaline fasting, we provide healthy and delicious food such as salads, fruit, berries, nuts and carefully prepared vegetables. In any case, you will be advised and supported in the process of fasting by Anna Kalus, alternative practitioner, therapist and fasting leader of the hotel. Massages and other beneficial treatments such as mud packs and peelings will also help you detoxify and provide moments of relaxation. Movement is likewise an important component with fasting. There are plenty of opportunities for this with our hotel's own swimming pool, gym and of course the Baltic Sea on the doorstep.

Gönnen Sie sich beim Entschlacken durch Heilfasten eine belebende Anwendung im GRAND HOTEL BINZ.

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