Ayurveda center Rügen The focus is on the needs of each individual

Ayurveda, yoga and meditation complement each other ideally, because the millennia-old Indian teachings have the same goal at their core: to develop a strong and healthy body and to promote peace of mind and spirit.

Ayurveda Center Rügen Stay in balance

As one of the most beautiful areas in Germany, the island of Rügen is ideal for finding relaxation, recharging your batteries and gaining new zest for life! The medical wellness applications of Ayurveda support this process and bring body, mind and soul back into balance. Staying in balance – this is the main theme in Ayurveda and at the same time the way to a long and fulfilled life. The basis of Ayurvedic teachings are the so-called doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These are basic energetic principles, whereby the constitution of each person is individual. The doshas are guiding principles when it comes to nutrition, massage treatments, meditation or yoga sessions. We offer a variety of different Ayurveda arrangements in our hotel. The core of our offer is the classical Ayurveda cure Panchakarma for detoxification, revitalization as well as prevention and therapy of diseases. Our experienced Ayurveda specialists Dr. Raghavendra Shetty and Dr. Rajkumar Bhati will take care of you.

Unser kompetentes Team im Ayurveda Zentrum Rügen geht einfühlend auf Ihre Anliegen ein.

Yoga and mediation The art of resting in oneself

The search for effective energy and time management to achieve mental clarity and deep inner peace is a central issue in our colorful, noisy and blinking world. Yoga and meditation help to find a healthy balance of your own and to train mindfulness for a conscious and balanced state of mind in everyday life. With yoga and meditation you learn to escape from everyday stress and build up strength as well as stability. Our tip: When the temperatures are right, a yoga or meditation session on the beach in Binz is a real treat for body and soul.

Im GRAND HOTEL BINZ auf Rügen können Sie bei Yoga und Mediation Kraft tanken.

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