The entertainer spends a few days at the Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz. Her new book will be published in June.

Gayle Tufts takes a deep breath – the salty Baltic Sea air flows into her lungs. “Simply glorious – I love Rügen”, says the entertainer, who in the past few days has a little time out in the Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz indulged. “We are very pleased that Mrs. Tufts is so fond of us”, stresses Hotel Director Birger Hundt.


“This short holiday in Binz is my reward,” says Gayle Tufts, whose hallmark as a comedy star is the mixing of the German and English language. “Rügen is completely down-to-earth – that’s what I like about this island.”


Gayle Tufts has fallen in love – Germany’s largest, most beautiful and sunniest island. “I like to hike in the Granitz or to explore the island by bike. Some people think that Rügen is the new Sylt – this is not the case. If you are looking for peace and seclusion, you will find it here. Anyone who wants to make new acquaintances is also right. Everyone finds on Rügen exactly what they has in mind. ”


Rügen always inspires the American woman “I started writing my new book on the island,” says the Berlin based choice. “Writing is an exhaustive work for me – I sit with the Duden at the desk. Luckily I have three very good editors. ”


In June, her new work is published in the building publisher: “American woman – how I lost my Heimat und found mein Zuhause“. “Everything is ready – even the audio book is already spoken”, reports Gayle Tufts and lets her gaze wander over the Binzer Bay. “My husband said to me, if you drive over the Rügen bridge, you are happy – and he is right. Here on the island I always come to rest and relax. ”


For twelve years, the power woman has travelled to the island – it is quite possible that she will take the route over the Rügen Bridge more often this year. “I can well imagine having a reading from my new book in Binz in the autumn.”


Click here for the new Gayle Tufts Book: Construction Publishing