Jana Colditz enthusiastically as a new deputy Reception Manager with her smile.


Her smile is so delightfully contagious: Jana Colditz loves to laugh. “It can not be done without humor,” says the new deputy Reception Manager at the Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz. “A smile from me gives me a smile of the guests.”


This credo lives the double mother every day – and with every guest. “For me, every guest is a VIP – with very individual concerns. Therefore, I always try to respond individually to the needs and thus inspire the guests. If I succeed, it is the greatest praise, ” she says.



The coastal child from Saxony: Always holiday on Rügen



Even if Jana Colditz is not born on the island of Rügen, she feels as a “coastal child”. “My father comes from Rügen – as a child I spent every free minute with my grandma on the island. I always wanted to live on the island. ” Since 1998 she now lives in the north. Since the year 2001 Jana Colditz has been working in the Private Palace Hotels in Binz – since 2007 in the Grand Hotel.


During this time, there were fixed federations for regular guests. “I get Christmas and birthday cards – quite unexpectedly. Of course, I am very happy with that. ”


In her free time, she pulls the “energy bundle” outside. “With my family I travel a lot on the island – there are always changes in architecture and nature that we like to see.”