Gardener Birgit Fischer, cares about the outdoor facilities of the Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz with love and knowledge.

Birgit Fischer stands with her rake in the roundabout in front of the Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz. The house gardener throws a critical look at the plants and flowers. “The Rondell in front of the entrance is our calling card – and this is supposed to look great at any time of year”, says the 56-year-old.


“I’m home when I’m outside”, Birgit Fischer insists. The trained ornamental plant gardener grew up in the forest – together with her six siblings. “My father worked as a forester. We climbed trees – the forest was our playground. It wasn’t until it got dark that we went home”, Birgit Fischer recalls.


Beach walks on the island of Rügen


Childhood has shaped her – even today, the hobby chef loves to spend her free time on beach walks. “And I like to read – preferably Charlotte links books.”


Birgit Fischer did not have a favorite plant or flower. “This always depends on the season – in spring I like it when the rock bulb blooms.”


Every day, the gardener takes a tour around the hotel. ‘ that’s how I see what I need to take care of. I want our guests to feel comfortable – a well-kept outdoor complex is very important for this”, explains Birgit Fischer, who likes to spend holidays in Sweden.