The rescuers from the Ostseebad inspected the five-star house on the Baltic Sea beach on the island of Rügen.


Unbelieving looks, a whisper on the beach promenade of the seaside resort of Binz – what is the volunteer fire department Binz doing at the Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz? Is the 5-star house burning? As always, director Markus Wölflik remains calm and explains: “This is a long-term planned exercise. For the safety of our guests, we asked the Volunteer firefighter Binz to inspect our house exactly. Our clear goal: We want to offer the perfect holiday on the island of Rügen – and this includes a safe and functioning fire protection system.”


The rescuers from the Baltic Sea moved in with several emergency vehicles – even the large aerial ladder was used. “We wanted to see if the fire brigade could easily reach all corners of our house in the event of a fire”, emphasizes Markus Wölflik. And that worked out perfectly – the Private Palace Grand Hotel consisted of the firefighter leader test.


“We then went on an inspection of the house with the firefighters and firefighters to give us tips”, explains Markus Wölflik, who was very satisfied with the exercise. 264/5000 “I thank our guests for their understanding and the fire brigade Binz, that she made this exercise possible. It was exciting and impressive to see how the fire department works with the aerial ladder. Of course, I hope that the emergency never happens.”