The Grand Hotel Binz


For your very special needs, we offer high quality treatments that are applied to your specific type of skin.

Deluxe Treatment Anti Aging

Cleansing, intensive peeling, eyebrow shaping, anti aging serum,

Cocktail for the skin, massage, anti-aging mask, small hand massage.
about 75 minutes

95,- €

Time Out – Men Treatment

Anti-stress face treatment for moisturizing,

Purification and wrinkling, including head massage.
about 75 minutes

89,- €

Eyes Catcher – Eyes Treatment

Intensive treatment of the eyes area, for the reduction of lines and wrinkles, drainage lymphatic stimulation.

as a special care or supplement during your treatment is available.
about 25 minutes

40,- €

Thai-Bali 1

Basic treatment
Cleansing, peeling, eyebrows correction, small face massage, mask, and final care – according to the skin type.
about 60 minutes

76,- €

Deep Cleansing

For impure or combination skin: cleansing, exfoliation, cleansing, eyebrows correction,

Serum, massage, pack or mask, small hand massage.
about 75 minutes

90,- €