As actress Michaela Schaffrath stands on the pier at the seaside resort Binz on the island of Rügen, she breathes deeply. “I love the Baltic air,” says the 45-year-old and lets her gaze glide over the waves of the Baltic Sea. She feels relaxed – and so is it. For several days you indulged a time out at our Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz.


In our five-star luxury house right on the Baltic Sea shore, she refueled for the upcoming tasks – and forged plans. “I met Dr. Raghavendra Shetty,” says Michaela Schaffrath. The Indian Ayurvedic doctor works for us at the Private Palace Grand Hotel in Binz and offers Ayurveda courses as well as Ayurveda treatments. “I want to experience a Panchakarma cure with Dr. Shetty in the winter,” says Michaele Schaffrath. “I am fascinated by the Ayurveda philosophy.”


The Panchakarma cure is the most important component of Ayurvedic medicine. This healing process, which has been ancient for thousands of years, aims at purification and purification, the weight regulation and the balance of the doshas (Life energies). “Only in a balanced body and mind can life joy, vitality and performance be stuck,” says our Ayurvedic physician Dr. Raghavendra Shetty.


“I can’t wait to start the Panchakarma cure,” says Michaela Schaffrath. Markus Wölflik, Director of the Private Palace Grand Hotel in Binz, is looking forward to the prominent guest: “Ayurveda is trendy. We offer several Ayurvedic cures in our house – and as the demand is so great, we will expand our team by another Indian Ayurvedic doctor. ”


Until Michaela Schaffrath can enjoy her Ayurvedic treatment with us at the Ostseebad Binz, she still has a lot of work to do. In the fall she plays for example in the comedy on the old Town market in Braunschweig in the comedy thriller “Goose bumps or I will be back before midnight” with. “Then I want to recharge the Baltic Sea with new energy to be fit for Christmas and New Year’s Eve,” says the actress. And we are already looking forward to seeing you again – on the Baltic Sea.


Photo: Carlos Anthonyo