With a garden party, the employees of the Private Palace Hotels & Resort Binz on Rügen Island celebrated the 10th anniversary. Hotel director Markus Wölflik: “We have grown together as a team.”


General Director- Birte Löhr and Grand Hotel Binz director Markus Wölflik attacked the big knife together. A fine cut – and the first piece of the big strawberry birthday cake was ready to serve. With a garden party the employees of the Private Palace Hotels in Binz celebrated the 10th birthday of the Grand Hotel Binz. “It’s a success story,” said director-general, Birte Löhr. “The numbers show we’re on the right track. Success is on the table – I am convinced that we face a rosy future. We owe this above all to our management company Private Palace Hotels & Resorts.”


Five-Star holiday on the Baltic Sea


Hotel director Markus Wölflik was also very satisfied. “What we have achieved as a team in previous years deserves the utmost respect. We have grown together. We are a team where everyone can rely on the other – and we are a team that works perfectly. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for this.” For four years the 45-year-old has been leading the five-star-house in the seaside resort Binz.


Top service for the perfect holiday in Binz


For ten years, the Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz has stood for the perfect holiday on the Rügen Island Ten years in which much has changed – and, thankfully, many things have remained the same. “Our love of top service will always form the maxim of our house. We owe our guests the fact that our hotel is so successful. Praise and constructive criticism have repeatedly shown us starting points where we can improve. We want to continue this philosophy in the coming years. True to the credo: Exceeding expectations to spark enthusiasm”, said Markus Wölflik, who used the birthday party to honor first-hour employees.


The Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz has been working for ten years: Chef Heiko Philipp, house lady Viola Heßler, breakfast chef Gudrun Schober, accountant Eric Mix, reservation manager Thomas Krause and receptionist Steffan jabs. “I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for my loyalty and look forward to continuing to offer top service to our guests with all our employees”, emphasized Markus Wölflik.