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Grand Hotel Binz, Hotel Arkona Dr. Hutter e.K.

Ayurveda SPA

Traditional Ayurvedic treatments with Dr. Shetty

New at the Grand Hotel Binz

A variety of Ayurvedic treatments carried out

by our Ayurveda doctor Dr. Raghavendra Shetty


Dr. Shetty








    Dr. Shetty

    - Indian Ayurveda specialist

    - Keraleeya Ayurveda Panchakarma

      therapies and experts








Dr. Shetty was born in India on 1st May 1983. After his training at the "Govt. Taranath Ayurveda med. College & Hospital" in Bellary, he worked at the M.S.R. Hospital in Bellary. He then had his own practice as an Ayurveda doctor. To gain more experience, Dr. Shetty practised as a doctor in Bangalore, the third largest city in India, in three further hospitals.

The most important position was his work in Kerala, where he gained experience in the classic treatment of Ayurveda Panchakarma and special therapy under the guidance of famous, traditional Ayurveda doctor Dr. PJ Gurukkal.

The Grand Hotel Binz is pleased that Dr. Shetty has been supporting and enriching the team at the Thai Bali Spa since August 2013 as well as offering our guests authentic treatment, detailed consultations and activities from India.


Ayurvedic Consultation

including Dosha identification, skin diagnosis, nutritional advice,

heartbeat and blood pressure measurements

Duration: 90 minutes €29.00

(the amount is offset if you book 2 Ayurvedic treatments with Dr. Shetty)


Ayurveda Massage (1)


Abhyanga "Relax"

Full body massage

60 minutes     €70.00

Abhyanga "Kalari"

Full body massage with trigger points

90 minutes     €120.00

Pinda Sveda -  Ayurvedic herbal stamp massage

Stroking and rotary movements using herbal pouches

Helps with sleep problems & stress                                  

60 minutes     €105.00

Shirodhara oil treatment

This treatment requires you to undergo an Ayurvedic consultation

with Dr. Shetty first as he defines the ingredients for your oil

depending on your constitution. For example, he uses

*warm buttermilk for migraines & high blood pressure

*herbal oil for problems with your autonomic nervous system

such as concentration problems & sleep issues                                        

60 minutes     €80.00


Navara Kizhi - Nourishing rice bag massage

Encourages movement & flexibility of joints,

tendons & muscles, nourishes bone tissue & cartilage                 

60 minutes     €60.00

Kati basti - Intensive oil treatment in dough ring

Special back treatment for severe back pains

& intervertebral disc problems                                                               

60 minutes     €60.00

Janu Basti - Intensive oil treatment in dough ring

Very effective for knee pain and osteoarthritis    

60 minutes     €60.00

Udwarthana – Ayurvedic powder massage

Activates the metabolism & with regular

treatment, unsightly fat pads are reduced                         

50 minutes     €50.00


South Indian rope foot massage

Improves the circulation & strengthens the immune system

60 minutes     €120.00

Singing bowl treatment

Balance is re-established &

this leads to a deep sense of relaxation &

supports the healing process                                                

30 minutes     €35.00

Bamboo massage
Exotic treatment using bamboo sticks

Recommended for stress                                           

40 minutes     €45.00

Cupping for the back

Meaning: Chinese Ba Guan

Is one of the oldest naturopathic procedures

*for stress and pain                                        

30 minutes     €30.00


Meditation & relaxation with Dr. Shetty


Ayurveda Massage (2)


Indian meditation & breathing techniques

Individual session                                       30 minutes     €15.00 

Couples session                                          30 minutes     €25.00


Yoga course - the Indian teachings of mental and physical exercises

Maximum number of participants: 6

(Please see the latest weekly timetable for course times)                

60 minutes     inclusive